The Non Surgical Facelift

Possibly one of the most exciting, results driven treatments I offer! 

So what is it exactly? 

Dermalift uses a "Microcurrent" to work your facial muscles & tissue - imagine a personal trainer for your face!

The lower frequency setting enables the microcurrent to penetrate deeply through the skin to the dermis level reaching the muscle fibre, and stimulating the facial lymph nodes.

The higher frequency setting enables the current to act superficially to stimulate the epidermis and improve the condition and texture  of the skin, its action will induce comfortable, smooth titanic contractions in the muscle fibres and stimulate the skin functions and circulatory systems. 

Effects of the treatment 

  • Firming, lifting and toning of the facial muscles

  • Enhanced texture of the skin

  • Firming of the dermal tissue (plumping)

  • Excess fluid retention and toxins are removed

  • Softening of the skin

  • Rejuvenation of the skin tissue 

  • Improved stimulation of collagen production in the Dermis.


Full Face £48

Jaw line Only -£20

Eye area Only - £25

Lip area Only - £20

 Course of 6 full Facials (recommended) £220 Includes ADLA

Course of 10 Full Facials £350

includes ADLA and a peel + Dermafusion on the last treatment


Additional Treatments - can  be added onto any of the Facelifting treatments

ADLA (+£10)

Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation


The Microcurrent Facial Pads are used to stimulate the facial lymphatic nodes. it especially effective on those clients suffering from surplus water retention, dark circles under the eyes, loose skin along the jaw line and chin, congested skin and much more.


Dermafusion (+£10)


Demafusion is the infusion of specially selected ingredients, which synergistically work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of aging. The gel like mask is placed over the skin and microcurrent is passed through to penetrate the products deep into the skin. (available in Collagen, Caviar, Herbal, Skinlite & Bofusion)