Cosmetic Tattooing

The last few years has seen a huge rise in Cosmetic Tattooing procedures, Also known as "Permanent makeup, micropigmentation and Semi permanent make up." These are all used to describe the art of implanting pigment into the upper dermis of your skin. There are lots of variations of names and techniques - so let me tell you a little about what I do!

I am  Signature Academy Certified Artist with over 5 years experience in Tattooing. My background before this was in Beauty & Makeup. In total, I have  over 10 years of making people feel beautiful!

I use a digital, Medical Grade Tattoo machine and Semi Permanent Mineral Pigments. This means the results will last between 12 months and 3 years (depending on skin type and lifestyle) Each treatment is bespoke and designed specifically for you - NO STENCILS HERE!! I work with your existing features to create a set of brows, lips or eyeliner that flatters your natural beauty. I provide full aftercare for each client as well as a complimentary "Perfecting Session" after 6 weeks. This is to ensure we are both happy with the results, asses  retention and boost colour. 

At Jenny Statham Aesthetics I offer :


Hairstroke Brows £220

Powder Brows £230

Combination Brows £220


Eyelash enhancement £150

Medium Liner £195

Thick Liner  £220


Lip Line £195

Line & Blush £235

Full colour£265